Since its establishment in 1985, Greenway Women’s Centre has been committed to providing vital services to meet the needs of women within the local community.

Greenway Women’s Centre exists to provide women within the Cregagh Estate, Castlereagh Borough and Greater Belfast area with positive opportunities for development by breaking down the barriers which prevent women’s full participation in society.

Greenway Women’s Centre is a place where women can come to gain the skills and knowledge that make them more confident and enhance life choices for themselves and their families, giving them not only a stronger voice but also a proactive role within their immediate and wider community.

This is achieved by enabling women to access training, education, employment, placement and support opportunities and empowers women through building self-confidence, self-esteem and skills. This provides a foundation on which they can build more control over their lives as women, mothers, community members and employees. Additionally, this builds capacity to enable women to engage in and develop projects which contribute to local community development.

Greenway Women’s Centre works closely with ‘hard to reach’ groups, women who would not otherwise access the services provided, and a large percentage of women journey through services, dependent on individual needs.

Greenway Women’s Centre provides a range of childcare, training and development, volunteering and support services that are easily accessible to women within the local area. This includes effective signposting to relevant agencies if required, such as Women’s Aid.

Greenway Women’s Centre is a safe, secure environment in which women can learn and grow through social interaction, education and personal development.

Greenway Women’s Centre is a recognised Safe Place for anyone affected by Domestic Violence.

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