Greenway Women's Group Board of Directors

Liz Oslon, Chairperson/Treasurer
Mae McQuillan MBE, Secretary
Julieanne Thompson, Director 
Yvonne Summerville, Director
Helen Harris, Director


Greenway Women's Group are the Board of Directors at Greenway Women's Centre. 

Greenway Women's Group was formed in 1985. The Group formed a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable status in 2000.

The Board of Directors of Greenway Women's Group, affectionately known as the BODs, are all women from the local community and surrounding areas who volunteer their time, energy and commitment to providing vital services.

The Board of Directors work in partnership with many other women's groups and organisations throughout Northern Ireland in the community, voluntary, statutory, public and private sectors to develop services for local women in the areas of childcare, health, employment, housing and finance.

The work of Greenway Women's Group is based upon the principles of Community Development and Active Participation, as well as Community and Individual Capacity Building, involving local women in identifying and responding to local needs in an active and responsible manner within the limits of available funding.