Cregagh Area Profile

Greenway Women's Centre is situated in the Cregagh Estate in East Belfast, which is ranked 241 of 890 (27%) on the NI Multiple Deprivation Measure 2017 (NINIS, 2018).


Cregagh Estate, East Belfast

Within an area of major social and economic deprivation, the needs of the local community include provisions for education, training, childcare, advice, developing confidence and addressing issues of health and the environment.

Many local women are lone parents who are unable to afford childcare costs while training or developing their skills and so remain in the benefit trap. The New Targeting Social Need (New TSN) anti poverty strategy recognises that the bottom 30% of income distribution is over represented by high risk vulnerable groups, one of which is lone parents, 92% of which are women. The New TSN also highlights the connection between inequalities associated with gender and child poverty, as 95% of parents in receipt of key benefits are women.

Greenway Women's Centre childcare services have been developed in response to identified local need and a lack of current provision. Ongoing consultation with Greenway Women's Centre users has identified the need for quality, affordable and accessible childcare services for local women whilst training or returning to education or employment and also highlighted the need for respite care for local families.

Greenway Women's Centre offers a wide range of educational and support services to local marginalised women, many of whom are often neglected by educational provision. 

Through education and training programmes, Greenway Women's Centre provides opportunities for women to gain vital skills and qualifications, thereby increasing the prospects available to them for meaningful employment and breaking down the barriers which prevent their full participation in society.