Greenway Women's Centre Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

This policy was introduced to follow the principles of Greenway Women's Group and the active involvement of Greenway volunteers. This policy is reviewed annually to ensure it remains appropriate to the needs of volunteers and Greenway Women's Group.


Greenway Women's Group seeks to:


  • develop, support and encourage equally the participation of women of all ages without prejudice
  • enhance women's personal, educational and social skills to become more active members of society and achieve their full potential
  • address the barriers which prevent the full participation of women within all aspects of society


Values of Volunteering


  • Volunteering is essential to the Group's development and the running of Greenway Women's Centre.
  • Volunteering is an inclusive act of participation.
  • Volunteering is important in the promotion of the ethos of Greenway Women's Group.
  • Volunteering promotes change and enhances the lives of individuals and the Centre.
  • Volunteering takes into account individual's motivations, aspirations and fulfilment.
  • Volunteering provides benefits to individuals, the Group and the wider community.


Principals of Volunteering:


  • welcomes and encourages volunteer involvement
  • establishes the Group's vision and objectives
  • provides equal opportunities for active involvement
  • provides resources within the Centre
  • respects volunteers by valuing their input and learning from them
  • listens to what volunteers have to say
  • clearly distinguishes from employment
  • promotes flexibility and informality to best compliment the work of paid staff members


Defining the Greenway/Volunteer Relationship


  • No expectation of financial gain.
  • Participates at many levels of skill and interest.
  • Promotes the ethos of the Centre.
  • Is a legitimate and crucial activity.
  • Not a substitute for paid employment.


Management of Volunteers


  • The Volunteer Supervisor is the first point of contact for volunteers and related information or queries.
  • The effectiveness of volunteer involvement will be annually reviewed.
  • A trial period of four weeks is recommended for all volunteer roles.
  • Training needs will be identified through induction.
  • Opportunities for training and development will be accessed through the Volunteer Department.




  • All women, without prejudice, will be eligible to apply to become Greenway volunteers.
  • Applicants will be interviewed by the Volunteer Supervisor.
  • Priority will be given to areas of need, for example Sessional Day Care, Reception, Drop-in Café, etc.
  • Following an initial interview, volunteers will be assigned compatible roles.
  • Successful applicants will be notified and given and induction before beginning their role.
  • Developed role descriptions will be reviewed annually and given to volunteers to outline tasks in specific areas.


Volunteer Roles


  • Volunteers who are committing some hours of their time should do so on the understanding that it is a matter of mutual respect, trust and honour.
  • If they are unable to commit to their hours, volunteers are requested to inform the Volunteer Supervisor as soon as possible in order to allow time to find a substitute.
  • There are some areas of the organisation which, due to Data Protection legislation, must remain restricted to Board and staff members only.


Roles currently available to volunteers:


  • Sessional Day Care
  • Reception
  • Drop-In Café
  • Kitchen Help
  • Newsletter
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance/ DIY


Practical Matters


  • All Sessional Day Care volunteers will be asked to complete a PEC's form.
  • Greenway Women's Group provides adequate insurance.
  • Volunteers will be restricted from access to Private and Confidential information in compliance with the Data Protection Act.
  • Greenway Women's Group aim to treat volunteers fairly and therefore any problems or issues should be raised with the Volunteer Supervisor in order to clarify, address and resolve them.
  • Greenway Women's Group would actively encourage all volunteers to raise issues of concern immediately in order to avoid a build up of resentment.
  • It is the policy of Greenway Women's Group to provide volunteers with all relevant information regarding policies and procedures, etc.
  • It is the policy of Greenway Women's Group to promote and encourage information sessions with staff members.


Moving On/Exit Interview

Volunteers who wish to move on are actively encouraged to complete an exit interview.

Whether they are moving to further education, training or employment or taking a break for any reason, volunteers are encouraged to share their views on their volunteering experience and provide suggestions for the development of roles or tasks that will improve the volunteer experience in the future.