Shared Space at Greenway Women's Centre

While the primary function of Greenway Women's Group is to break down the barriers which prevent the full participation of women in today's society, particularly targeting those who are socially isolated, another of our functions is to encourage the development of, and whenever possible provide space for, a wide range of supportive groups and organisations.

Over the years Greenway has built up strong working relationships with many such groups and organisations.


Castlereagh Fellowship Church

Castlereagh Fellowship Church has assisted Greenway Women's Group over the years in the ongoing efforts to maintain the Greenway building. Its members have donated both their time and their equipment to sustaining the shared space and this has been very much valued and appreciated.

Castlereagh Fellowship Church, while supportive of the work of Greenway Women's Group, is a completely independent organisation with a separate ethos and different operational hours from those of Greenway Women's Centre.

Click on the link below to visit the Castlereagh Fellowship Church website:

Castlereagh Fellowship Church


This example demonstrates how groups and organisations with differing ideologies can work together to sustain a shared space in order to provide support and guidance to those in need.