Greenway Women's Centre Family Support Services

Greenway Women's Centre Family Support Services have been designed to give families an opportunity to develop friendships, reduce isolation and engage in information sessions, parenting workshops and stress management, as well as helping to develop skills and tools to deal with the issues associated with parenting.

Greenway Family Support Services are available on a daily basis and include information and support regarding parenting issues, respite care, listening ear and referral to specialist support, eg Complementary/Alternative Therapist, counselling and Advice and Advocacy.

Family Support activities are available throughout the year and include:

Family Drop In
Activity sessions where you stay with your child, meet other parents and watch your child as they make new friends and learn through various play activities.
Young Parent Group
This group is specially tailored for young parents and their children.

Monthly Lunch Club
On the last Tuesday of every month Greenway Family Support Services holds a Lunch Club. This provides an opportunity for parents and children to get together, sample healthy and nutritious foods and receive information on nutrition and budgeting for family menus at home.

Parent & Family Learning Workshops
Greenway Women's Centre Family Support Services offers a wide variety of training and education opportunities for parents, including parenting information sessions, money management and stress management.


Family Support events, courses and activities are held throughout the year and details of these can be found on the EVENTS page of the Greenway Women's Centre Website.

If you are interested in attending any of these programmes or activities, please contact Greenway Women's Centre.

Telephone: 028 9079 9912