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Greenway Women's Centre exists to provide women and their families with positive opportunities for development by breaking down barriers which prevent women's full participation in society.

At Greenway Women’s Centre we offer a range of childcare services, training and development programmes, volunteering opportunities and support services that are easily accessible to women.

'Greenway Women's Centre has been providing services to women and their families in Cregagh and beyond since 1985'

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Greenway Women’s Centre

Greenway Women’s Centre is a safe, secure environment in which women can learn and grow through social interaction, education and personal development.

Greenway Women’s Centre is a place where women can come to gain the skills and knowledge that make them more confident and enhance life choices for themselves and their families, giving them not only a stronger voice but also a proactive role within their immediate and wider community.

Greenway Women’s Centre is a recognised Safe Place for anyone affected by Domestic Violence.

What’s On At Greenway…

Living Life Covid Aware: There may be service users, staff or volunteers within Greenway Women’s Centre who are particularly vulnerable to infection. By working together we can help to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thank you for your support.

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What we offer…

High Quality Childcare Services

Education and Training Programmes

Essential Skills Support

Health and Well Being Courses

Family Support Services

Volunteering Opportunities

Drop-In Café

Mission Statement

Greenway Women's Group exists to provide positive opportunities for women to achieve their potential, through recognising and respecting them as individuals. We achieve this by breaking down barriers which prevent women's full participation in society; specifically targeting social need within Cregagh and surrounding areas.

Greenway Women's Group

Greenway Volunteer Programme

The Volunteer Programme at Greenway Women's Centre offers an excellent way for participants to build confidence and self esteem and to develop new skills. Greenway Women's Group was originally formed by volunteers and over the years volunteers have continued to play an integral role in the delivery and development of Greenway's services.